There is Good for me and I ought to have it.

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Born of God

     Born of God-Born of God-Born of God!

      My thoughts are born of God.

      My words are born of god.

      My actions are born of God.

      This is truth. It is a touch of my will-o’-the wisp

      thoughts on reality to say they are born of God.

     God is here. I touch my face against God and its

      beauty is the beauty of God. I lay my gold on Gods here

      substance and its purchasing power is Jesus Christ ability.

     God is here. Behind me is God. I lay all I have there

     and say unto it – “Born of God!”

     God is before me, I put down all that I have there and say

unto it  – “Born of God!”

              On my right I stretch my hand and lay it upon God – and lo

     my hand is born of God. It works whatsoever is good.

      On my left hand there is my resting place.

      Under me is the eternal God.

      My feet touching God go not astray.

     I remember where I am born of God I am all God.

      From “SELF TREATMENT” by Emma Curtis Hopkins

From “SELF TREATMENT” by Emma Curtis Hopkins

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    I do not believe in a mixture of good and evil     in the world, or in  myself. All is Good.                                              Emma Curtis Hopkins


   This site is dedicated to bringing  renewed life to  the mystical and spiritual  teachings of     Emma Curtis Hopkins.  She taught the founders of many New Thought denominations,     including Unity, Divine Science, and Religious Science. Any suggestions or more    available     sources of information  welcomed.       

 There comes a time when what we have heard in the closet, we boldly  proclaim from the    housetop. But it is not something which we force ourselves to do.                                                     Emma Curtis Hopkins

 Here at the the poised center one finds that it is his choice,   which he will demonstrate his God Head  or his personality,   his principle or his passions.    Emma Curtis Hopkins                                                                          

There are not multitudes of beings. There is only One. There is nobody hungry for us to serve him. There is only One to serve, and that One is satisfied already          Emma Curtis Hopkins        

   I am satisfied with my abundant prosperity which     from   this time takes no delay in pleasing me..                                 Emma Curtis Hopkins 

                                                                              Understanding Emma

   One of the things that helps to understand  Emma's teachings, is  that many of the words she used had    different meanings in her time period. Take for example the word "evil," in her day anything not good    was  considered evil. Colds and diseases were considered "evils."  Words  have different meaning for    different    generations.

 Another thing to keep in mind, chemistry was the science of the day. Many of the ways she explains   process' run parallel to that science.

 Some  of her works were stream of consciousness and were transcribed by students as she taught.  She   changed states of consciousness as the Spiritual Presence spoke through her. Keep this in mind when   her words change from personal to universal.

  When reading we may not totally understand what we are reading but will have a felt understanding.   There  is a transmission of Truth that comes through when we let go of "getting the facts." The ideal way    to read   Emma's teachings is to understand each paragraph as she may tie a theme together with    preceding or following paragraphs or pages.

  In all her works Lessons 1-6 are for developing the individuals own consciousness. Lessons 7-12 are for    developing the consciousness to apply these Truths in the world.


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