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  This page is dedicated to past and present publishers of Emma's works

  Past Publishers of Emma’s Writings

Rev. Marge Flotron

Marge Flotron was born in Chicago on May 26, 1922, to an Italian mother and a French father.  She had a younger sister Pearl.When the Depression hit, her father left his womenfolk with his brother, the plan being to go south to South America, perhaps, to seek his fortune, to be able to maintain his family.  He was never heard from again. So, Marge grew up with her uncle, her mother and her younger sister - a very tight knit family.  Marge married a Spanish man named Juan Cruz, whom she followed to New Mexico, but within six weeks she had come back to Chicago, leaving her mistake behind her.

Before Marge became involved in New Thought she worked in advertising; golf was her active hobby.  Her mother had a strong personal relationship with God and exclaimed often, “God is SO Good!” no matter how the situation appeared otherwise. Her sister Pearl married  _______ Crowley, and raised two sons:  Robert and Scott.  Marge stayed in the apartment on Paulina Street and cared for their mother until her death:  25 years. Pearl died in 1992, after a long illness.  Even though Pearl had been a difficult sister, Marge was devastated by the loss. Her nephew Bob and his two children became her family base since he lived in Chicago; Scott had become a doctor and lived in Wisconsin with his wife Heidi.

Marge became a student of Emma Curtis Hopkins through the ministry of ________.  She was eventually ordained by Rev. Marjorie Whitaker of California. The Ministry of Truth International was dedicated to keeping the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins alive and spreading the Good word of God through the books and teachings of Emma.  Marge was a passionate woman, loving - a lover of animals, particularly cats - and devoted the last 20 (?) years of her life to promoting the marvelous writings of Ms. Hopkins.  Her love of Emma was infectious - she changed lives - as, of course, did Ms. Hopkins.

Rev. Marge Flotron died on March 1, 2004, in Chicago, after several years of declining health.   

  All who have discovered new principles  have    acknowledged that it is more as if  they had    them.         Emma Curtis Hopkins

Dr. Carmelita Trowbridge

Dr. Trowbridge, or “Carmelita” as she was affectionately known to her students, born in New York at the beginning of the 20th century, was surely her mother`s child:  high-spirited, an original thinker, with a quality of perpetual youth and a zest for new ideas.  Taught to think for herself, it was only natural that she became somewhat of a maverick, someone whom the dictionary defines as an independently minded person who does not conform to the dictates of any particular group.   It may have been this independent spirit that led her to drop her inherited religion of the Roman Catholic church.   

The 1940`s found her in Southern California where, with a dedicated group of other Truth seekers, the Religious Science Church was established, in Alhambra, California, first in a storefront, then in a small clubhouse of the Alhambra Tennis Club, then, in 1954, the large church building, surrounded by gardens,  on what had been the tennis club property.   In the early 1960`s, that independent spirit of hers prompted her to leave the structured teaching of religious science.  She desired to have a free rein to promote the Absolute Truth Principles of the “modern mystic,” Emma Curtis Hopkins,  She believed as voiced by Hopkins, “there is a Science of The Christ, an orderly and systematic finding of the vital spark so that it shall glow brighter and brighter, as there is a science of the stars and their awareness.  This Science was prophesied by Isaiah to be perfectly demonstrated by The Man who would be born in Bethlehem from the humbled stem of Jesse - Jesus Christ.”

The church was re-named The Sanctuary of Truth.   In addition to Sunday services and soon to be active Sunday School and youth groups, both day and evening classes were offered on Hopkins` books.  An outreach program was begun called Studies By Mail, and Hopkins` books made available, along with a set of review questions to enable the individual, “at-home” student to learn of these remarkable books.    The studies faltered when Ruth Coleman, who had originally designed them, died.  In 1990, Reverend Shirley Lawrence, was asked to take over the Studies By Mail.  She enlarged and reorganized the Study Workbooks that accompanied Hopkins` books and, in a few years, the Studies by Mail program had reached all over the United States, some parts of Canada, and as far away as Scotland, South Africa and Brazil.

She was a friend of Ernest Holmes, Hopkins last student.  He no doubt found many similarities between her personality and that of Hopkins.  Despite her dignified demeanor, she was quietly dynamic and elegant, with a dramatic aura about her, much in demand as a speaker at many INTA Conferences.  She was always loving and kind. calling everyone “dear” or “darling.”  Whenever she was asked for advice in dealing with worries or problems, her counseling was always followed by her statement, “All is well, darling.”  As a dedicated promulgator of Emma Curtis Hopkins` teaching, her influence continues as that teaching becomes more known.

 If we feel there is work to do, we may be certain we are   the very ones to do it.       -Emma Curtis Hopkins

Rev. Shirley Lawrence

My first introduction to Emma Curtis Hopkins was the study of High Mysticism in 1964, under the tutelage of Dr. Carmelita Trowbridge at the Sanctuary of Truth in Alhambra.  This was followed by Gospel Series in Spiritual Science and the Bible Interpretations.   In 1990 I was asked to take over the direction of the home study courses, Studies by Mail.  This book/study outreach had been initiated in the 1960`s by the Sanctuary for the study of Mrs. Hopkins writings and has subsequently gone out over the entire United States and even into Canada and some places in Europe and Africa.  One student who contacted me while I was the Director was a young man living in Brazil.

Under my direction, the lessons mailed out to students were organized in a more systematic style.  Beginning with High Mysticism, I wrote notebooks containing a one-page synopsis of each chapter, followed by a page of questions, helpful both for individual self-study or for class work under a teacher.  I went on to write a study notebook for each of the Hopkins` books available from the Sanctuary of Truth - Bible Interpretations, First, Second and Third Series and for The Gospel Series in Spiritual Science, Scientific Christian Mental Practice, as well as Wells of Abundance by E. V. Ingraham, a follower of Mrs. Hopkins` teaching.

Rev. Mary King, who took over the Sanctuary ministry after the transition of Dr. Trowbridge in 1991,  asked me to teach classes on Mrs. Hopkins` books.  Along with the notebooks I had written as a study aid, I always felt that it was important for a student of her writings to know something about her life and times.  Some knowledge of the whole social and historical milieu in which a writer is working is of value in the comprehension of those writings.

Rev. Shirley Lawrence

       Present Publishers

Rev. Michael Terranova Wise Woman Press

   Rev. Natalie Jean

   ECH Theological Association

  Rev. P. Joanna Rogers

  Desert Church of the Learning Light

 Rev. Michael has published all of Emma’s works as well as 22 of  her   Bible Interpretation Series.  He is in the process of  compiling  many    unpublished articles and  many of her other short  articles published in   Metaphysical magazines. His websites are   and  He is   planning on sharing the info he   has learned about Emma’s  works by teaching  classes online and around   the country.

   Rev. Natalie Jean has created the “Emma Curtis Hopkins   Theological Association. She has created  courses to ordain   ministers. She has been instrumental in finding many of   Emma’s lost works. Her website is She   also has an Internet radio show on Saturdays at:


  Rev .Joanna  has been publishing Emma’s works for many years. She   has compiled most of the Bible Interpretation Series and has them for   sale on CD”d as well as other of Emma’s works. She has published a   wonderful  book of Emma’s history and many unknown facts. There is a   CD of her speaking about Emma’s history that is a must for students of   Emma Curtis Hopkins. Rev Joanna's website is at:


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