My God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient

God is the Only Substance. There is no absence of God. There is no absence of Substance. Nobody is ever absent from us. No good thing is absent from us Good is never absent, Prosperity is never absent. It is the same as saying God is absent to say prosperity is absent.    -Emma Curtis Hopkins

Suppose that while you believed in trials they came and seized upon you, is it any reason that now when you do not believe any longer in them, they should come near you again.            -Emma Curtis Hopkins

"God works through me to will and do that ought to be done by me." Be sure this is true. It is a great rest to think how many unnecessary things we have been doing that we are now relieved from doing.                   -Emma Curtis Hopkins

The name Jesus Christ does not mean the historic man only. It means the visibility of power, riches and wisdom. We make ourselves and our power visible by the Name.   Emma Curtis Hopkins

All the time this Principle is speeding a certain manner of speaking through us, it is saying eternally: I can preach the Gospel through you. I can heal the sick through you. I can cast out demons by you. I can raise the dead for you, my sheep hear my voice.         -Emma Curtis Hopkins

I do not believe in evil at all. I believe in the Good. He who is bold enough to navigate this truthful sea, will come in contact with the beings who ministered to Jesus Christ in the wilderness and greet the joyous hosts who fought for Elisha in the mountains round Sumeria. Those beings are the united Spirit of God. They are One in Substance, One in Truth, One in Light.    -Emma Curtis Hopkins


On rare and wonderful occasions sincere thinkers have heard the voice. It never tells anything but good. It never tells of weakness. It always tells of strength. It never tells of approaching death, It tells how to live. It never speaks of misfortune ahead of us. It always tells of what move to make or what business to begin or pursue to be prosperous..          -Emma Curtis Hopkins

Therefore in the book of Revelation, always translate the word "beast" as strength of mind, and you will almost have a key to every other expression that John the Revelator used.  -Emma Curtis Hopkins

Those who feel the light of understanding of God beating hot against the gateway of their being sometimes think other thoughts just at a moment when to stop thinking would be their glory.       -Emma Curtis Hopkins

Truth is always good. It is always kind. It always intends your happiness Yet it will answer your prayers exactly.                -Emma Curtis Hopkins

It is probably the one supreme test of our interest in the truth when we feel neither the glories of heaven nor the laws of Spirit, presented to our consciousness by our studies or our companions in the study of the Science of God, comfort us if that one ugly unfulfilled demonstration is still in our life.                          Emma Curtis Hopkins                                                                                           


Whoever is willing to lay down anxiety shall find me. Whoever will lose his hold on material advancement shall find me. I am founding the light of fears, the dropping of cares, the dropping of efforts, the dropping of anguish, the dropping of subjugation to man or woman through fear or through desire to please.    Emma Curtis Hopkins    

What do you hate and fear beyond all things? It seems like a virtue to your eyes. It is not a virtue. It is a belief in two powers, two substances, two kinds of surroundings. Drop your prejudices. Drop your hating. Drop fearing lest you do wrong. Be free as you were born. Does this mean that you will defile yourself and your reputation? No it means that you are cleansed from defilement.          -Emma Curtis Hopkins

The pains and discords of human experiences are not sent of God. But they do indeed stand as test of how much God we have. For the giving up to the will that is Divine, asking nothing of the things opposite to the Divine, is quickly manifest by perfection- in some special condition of affairs peculiar to the one who bears them.    -Emma Curtis Hopkins

The only cause for evil is the idea of absence That is all the evil there is. The belief of apartness from Good is the foundation of the word evil. The idea of absence of Good had to be called something, so it was called evil. Ideas always make conditions. Thus the idea of absence, being named evil, finally made a host of phantoms, called evils.    -Emma Curtis Hopkins

When we know God we have touched the very substance which can inform us how to work each minute wisely, so as to be clothed and fed and housed and healed, without any process than simply knowing God.      -Emma Curtis Hopkins

You can have all the faith of God and take no faith from your neighbor, as you can have all the wisdom of God and take no wisdom from your neighbor. You can have all the riches of God and take no riches from your neighbor. There is always enough and to spare. The mere knowledge of this Principle will work out in your affairs in a new and different fashion. It is a knowledge that liberates a fine white light to sift itself through you and turn and overturn all your affairs, to give free way for a new set of affairs settle themselves.    -Emma Curtis Hopkins

All your affairs, as you now look at them, represent your former way of thinking. They are held together by the glue of your former ideas. Now if you withdraw that glue, what can you expect, but that your affairs will all fall to pieces to let new affairs, representing your new way of thinking establish themselves    -Emma Curtis Hopkins

Suppose that while you believed in reality of the imaginary God, matter, that you often had failures and losses and accidents is that any reason that now while you believe in the eternal Substance Spirit is your God, you should ever have such a thing as failure or loss or accident? Not at all. Your former self yielding to all these things is not the present Self that declares them Nothingness.   -Emma Curtis Hopkins

These short words of wisdom all came from “The Gospel Series” by Emma Curtis Hopkins.


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