My God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient

Class Lessons of 1888

 The very first of Emma Curtis Hopkins' beginning lectures, introducing her version of "Christian   Science" as she taught it in her first Seminary from 1886 to 1888.

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                   The Gospel Series

 Emma Curtis Hopkins shares the "good news"   of  unlimited health and prosperity through the   power of upward vision and praise-perhaps the   most readable of all her lecture series. This was   probably Emma's final book. It is more mystical   than any of her other works.  $19.95  Buy now

Self-Treatments, including the Radiant I AM Taken from her journals and texts, these descriptions of our true nature enliven and inspire the reader, opening the way to new ways of experiencing life.

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Resume: Practice Book for the Twelve Lessons in High Mysticism

These practice guidelines were first offered in 1892 to the advanced students at Chicago Theological Seminary, and were modified several times until their final presentation around 1918, after the publication of Mrs. Hopkins'individual lessons of High Mysticism. $12.95 Buy now

High Mysticism: studies in the wisdom of the sages of the ages

This edition was taken from the original 12 volumes, with minimal edits and new footnotes, in a single volume.  $25.00 Buy now

Esoteric Philosophy: Deeper Teachings in Spiritual Science

This has been the most difficult to find of all Mrs. Hopkins` works to find.It  is truly esoteric,and reveals the deeper and universal Truth. It is easier to read than some of her other works.          $18.00 Buy now

Judgment Series in Spiritual Science

Another perspective on the 12 Lessons, this time drawing heavily on New Testament scriptures, including John`s Revelation. The manuscript reads as though it were meant to be a series of notes to be used later for more detailed writing. Many paragraphs are just one-sentence statements.This book is one of the easiest to understand on the mental level.          $19.95 Buy now

Drops of Gold

Gems for each day of the year-one of Emma`s earliest publications, now in a daily journal format.

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Genesis Series 1894

Emma's Bible interpretations on the Book of Genesis. $18.00 Buy now.

Unveiling Your Hidden Power: Emma Curtis Hopkins' metaphysics for the 21st century. Dr. Ruth Miller interprets Mrs. Hopkins' Victorian rhetoric for the modern reader-with clear instructions for her daily practice, biographical notes, and supporting scientific theory.$20.00 Buy now

 Workbook edition:8.5 x 11 spiral bound, Includes the text with room around it to take notes. Includes the “Radiant I am.” $29.00 Buy now

Unveiling Your Hidden Power: Emma Curtis Hopkins' Metaphysics for the 21st Century. This is the teachers manual for "Centers for Spiritual Living " class, SOM 231, "The Essential Emma." The Class    $30.00 Buy now

The Power of Practice   Easy reading biography of     Emily Cady              $12.00 Buy now

40 days to Freedom With Emma Curtis Hopkins. Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis, Spiritual Director at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living, guides us through a powerful journey of transformation in this daily journal format, based on core ideas from Scientific Christian Mental Practice. $14.95 Buy now

40 days to Power Rev. Dr. Kathianne Lewis, Spiritual Director at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living, guides us through a powerful journey of transformation in this daily journal format, using quotes from Emma Curtis Hopkins.This process is designed for us to get in touch with our "own power." $14.95 Buy now

 Bible Interpretation Series These lessons were   published on Sundays     every week in the Inter-Ocean Newspaper  in Chicago, IL, in the late 1890’s.  Each Series is a quarter of a year, or 3   months. These are some of Emma's best  writings..

First  Series:     John 1:1 - John 10:1-16

Second Series: John 11:21-44 - John 21: 1-14

Third Series:     Isaiah 11:1-10 - Isaiah 40:1-10

Fourth Series:   Psalms and Daniel

Fifth Series:      Acts 1:1-12 - Acts 8:26-40

Sixth Series:    Corinthians-Acts-Luke

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Seventh Series:      Ezra-Zechariah-Esther- Proverbs

Eighth Series:  Mathew-Job-Proverbs-Ezekiel-Malachi

Ninth Series:           Acts and Romans

Tenth Series:          James-I Peter-James

Eleventh Series:     Genesis-Proverbs-Mark

Twelfth Series:       Genesis-Exodus-Proverbs

Thirteenth Series:    Mathew-Luke-John-Daniel

Fourteenth Series:   Mathew-Luke-John-Isaiah

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Fifteenth Series  Mathew-Mark-Luke-John-Romans

Sixteenth Series  Mark-Luke-John                      

Seventeenth Series  Exodus-Leviticus-Deuteronomy- Joshua-Numbers

Eighteenth Series  Judges, Ruth, I Samuel, Isaiah, Luke

Nineteenth Series    Luke

Twentieth Series  Luke

Twenty First Series    II Samuel, I Chronicles, Proverbs

Twenty Second  Series   I Kings, II Corinthians, Proverbs &   Ecclesiastes        


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Scientific Christian Mental Practice

From the 12 Original Booklets

This is the only published version, made from the individual booklets published in 1936. All other versions are edited, have additions, changed

information and mistakes

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The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Volume 1 Finding the Christ Within

Volume 2 Ministry: Realizing the Christ, One in All      

Ute Maria Cedilla has created a breakthrough work on Emma Curtis Hopkins that will allow you to step through the veil to a deeper spiritual understanding of Principle and of yourself.

     $20.00 Each Buy now

     Power to Heal   Easy reading biography of  Emma Curtis Hopkins.      $12.00 Buy now

  The Power of Insight    Easy reading biography of      Thomas Troward           $12.00 Buy now

   The Power of the Self    Easy reading biography of     Ralph Waldo Emerson      .$12.00 Buy now

The Power of Unity   Easy reading biography of    Charles Fillmore.       $12.00    Buy now

   A Power Beyond Magic     Easy reading biography of          Ernest Holmes             $12.00 Buy now

The Powerof the Mind  Easy reading biography of    Emma Curtis Hopkins          $12.00 Buy now

   Easy Reading Biographies of the Pioneers of New Thought    

Coming INTO Freedom Emilie Cady’s Lessons in Truth for the 21st Century        $12.00 Buy now

Basic Statements And Health Treatment of Truth  Malinda Cramer. Founder of Divine Science     $12.00 Buy now


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