“Unveiling your Hidden Power” is now also available in a Workbook format, and the new   Class format which is a teachers manual for teaching“Unveiling Your Hidden Power”  as a   class.It is  an accredited class  for Centers of Spiritual Living. The Essential Emma Curtis   Hopkins” (SOM) 231

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Miller, Ruth L.; Unveiling Your Hidden Power: Emma Curtis Hopkins' Metaphysics for the 21st Century; Wise Woman Press, 2005, trade paperback, 203 pp., $20.00, www.wisewomanpress.com

The author's goal has been to remain faithful to the principles and methods of Emma Curtis Hopkins, and to restate them in language that can be readily comprehended by modem readers. She has succeeded admirably in doing so.

Unveiling Your Hidden Power is highly recommended for the education of ministers, practitioners, counselors, and affirmative prayer workers. It presents the healing methodology of New Thought in as clear a way as is possible with words. It provides the tools, in the form of affirmations and I AM statements, for practical demonstration of the realities to which it points. It is necessary, however, to point out what the new book is not. It is not intended as a book of historical commentary regarding the Bible, except in the sense that Mrs. Hopkins had her own views on the Bible, which in turn have become part of the history of interpretation. For example, Mrs. Hopkins interpreted various verses in Chapter 1 of the Book of Genesis as pointing to what later became the twelve principal points of her classic books. High Mysticism and Scientific Christian Mental Practice. In a subsequent edition Dr. Miller would do well to add an appendix, providing the specific details of this allegorical interpretation. Unveiling Your Hidden Power is likely to take its place along with The Science of Mind (by Ernest Holmes), Divine Science and Healing (by Malinda E. Cramer), and a few other classics in elucidating metaphysical practice and revealing some of the depths of consciousness that underlie the practice.

By Robert Winterhalter:  Emma Curtis Hopkins Theological Seminary

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Unveiling Your Hidden Power: Emma Curtis Hopkins' metaphysics for the 21st century. Dr. Ruth Miller interprets Mrs. Hopkins' Victorian rhetoric for the modern reader with clear instructions for her daily practice, biographical notes, and supporting scientific theory.$20.00 Buy now


Unveiling Your Hidden Power: The Class: This is the teachers manual for "Centers for Spiritual Living " class,   "The Essential Emma” SOM  231    $30.00 Buy now

Unveiling Your Hidden Power:  Workbook edition:  8.5 x 11 spiral bound, Includes the text with room around it to take notes. Includes the “Radiant I am.” $29.00 Buy now


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